Our Start

A little back story

Hair, as "dead" as it is, is a powerful thing. It affects us in so many ways, more than we realize, for some people their hair is their pride and joy, for others, it's their way of life, self-expression, identity and for some, it is a symbol of overcoming a stigma, oppression or life-threatening illness.

Our Founder and CEO Zecare used a paper hair journal to help through her journey with Trichotillomania, healthy hair and hair acceptance, as time went on she needed a more reliable and convenient way to keep track of her hair journey and efforts . She decided to build a hair diary app that she could use on the go to keep her logs safe and secure thus Tresslog was born. Since starting it has grown into a tool to help people on hair journeys, whether it be an illness recovery hair growth journey, hair transplant care, transitioning to natural, or even just general routine/wellness hair care.

Tresslog was made to help you track your hair habits, routines and activities while receiving personalized and professional guidance to reach your hair goals with ease, efficiency and less trial error saving you both money and time!

Our Journey

Memories, Milestones, and Plans ...

Our Mission

Simplifying the path to your best hair

Hair care can be so overwhelming, there are so many voices, so many products and not to mention the looming confusing question of "What is your hair porosity?".

Our mission is to reinforce the importance of personalizing hair care and getting to know your hair, how to care for and love it. It's not about length or texture but the health of both your hair and your relationship with it.

Tresslog helps simplify the process while empowering and educating you on the hair activities, products that you choose and how the climate you live in affects your hair.

Our Gratitude

Thank you for your support

From our small but growing team, we would like to thank everyone who downloaded and shared the Tresslog App, trusting us with your hair journey, personal data, and hair concerns means a lot to us, and we will continue to respect your data and do our best to help you on your hair journey