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Personalized guides to your best hair!

Tresslog is a mobile app that provides hair care journaling, personalized routines, guides and product suggestions based on your hair type. Whether you've big chopped, had a hair accident, are a hair enthusiast, can't seem to style your hair right, or you're just on a hair wellness journey we are here to help you reach and stay at your best hair!

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plan, log & grow

How it Works?

Download the App

Create an account and select your hair characteristics.

Choose/Build a Routine

Visit your profile, here you can simply follow a personalized routine or build your own, using your personalized guide.

Start Logging

Log your activities from your routine by marking them as completed when notified or manually adding them.


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Reach your hair goals

Core Features

Personalized Guidance

No more guess work on a routine, no more experimenting with hundreds of products, we help simplify and demystify your hair care and cater it to your hair type, lifestyle and climate!

Reminders & Notifications

Easily get reminders for all your activities in your routine, insights and new tips!

Reflect & Analyze

Easily search your logs over the years and get insights into your routine and the activities that work for you or don't.

Frequently Asked Questions

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