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5 Ways to retain length.

So you’re trying to grow out your hair or more specifically retain the length as your hair grows. Our hair grows each month, once you’re a healthy functioning human being your hair will grow. However, for some of us, we never see this growth, ...


Why should I use a bond reconstructor?

Our hair strands are not living things, I know I started one of my previous posts on that morbid tone, however, the tresses that we see are in their afterlife, and nothing is going on there to help our stands, repair, regenerate nada. Over time as...


Tips to prevent breakage.

Hair breakage is something that creeps up on you, you never realize it until you see uneven, dry brittle ends and loads of hair all over the floor. Several factors contribute to breakage, there isn’t just one main cause, lifestyle changes, stres...


Can rice water grow hair?

Does rice water grow hair? So, we have seen all these blogs, videos, reviews, etc on using rice water to grow your hair, it's the "new" trend on how to get your tresses long and healthy in no time. However, as we all realize especially in beauty n...

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