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Formulation vs Ingredients

Ever get lost in the jungle of hair product labels, overwhelmed by endless ingredient lists? You're not alone! While individual ingredients matter, understanding formulation unlocks the true secret to unlocking healthy, beautiful hair. Let's unrav...


How to find the right salon for you!

Finding the right hair salon and stylist can be a daunting task, as your hair is an important part of your overall appearance. To achieve the desired results and ensure a positive experience, it is crucial to choose a salon and stylist that align ...


Professional vs drugstore hair products.

Does it really matter if you use drugstore or professional hair care products? Is there a difference? Is it just marketing or a fact that one is better than the other?  When it comes to professional hair care versus drugstore products, there ...


What hair products should I use?

Every individual's hair is unique, and understanding its characteristics is crucial for selecting the right hair care products. From shampoos and conditioners to styling treatments, the market offers a vast array of options, but knowing which ones...


What is my hair type?

Understanding your hair type is essential for proper hair care. Different hair types require different hair care routines, products, and styling techniques. It can be overwhelming to navigate the world of hair care, but identifying your hair type ...


What is deep conditioning?

Deep conditioning is a hair care technique that involves the use of specialized treatment to help restore, strengthen, and moisturize the hair. It is often used on damaged or dry hair that needs extra care, it can also be used as a regular part of...


The power of journaling for hair health

If you're someone who cares about your hair, then you know that keeping track of its journey is essential. Haircare has become an integral part of our daily routine, and we all have different hair goals. Some of us want to grow our hair long, whil...


Understanding Hair Frizz and How to Stop It.

Frizzy hair can be frustrating and difficult to manage. It can make your hair look unkempt and unprofessional, and it can be a source of embarrassment. But what exactly is hair frizz, and what causes it? In this article, we'll explore the science ...

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