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What are film forming humectants?

Film-forming humectants are a type of hair care ingredient that works by forming a protective layer on the hair strand. This layer helps to lock in moisture, prevent damage, and improve the overall appearance and health of the hair. Humectants are...


Hair Supplements vs A Balanced Diet.

It is a common misconception regarding nutrition , especially for hair growth that you must invest in supplements in order to meet your nutritional needs. For the majority of the populati...


Hierarchy of Hair Care Needs.

In motivational theory, the aim is to understand what drives a person to work toward a particular goal or outcome. When starting a hair journey we can easily become overwhelmed and confused by the process. <...


Hair Growth vs Retention!

Did you know that there is a difference between hair growth and length retention? Caring for your hair directly impacts how well your hair will grow and retain length.

However, length retention can be controlled easier than hair growth based...


Hair porosity and why it matters.

It is highly likely that you have stumbled into the term 'hair porosity' while on your hair journey. But have you ever truly taken the time out to understand what it means and how it applies to gaining proper hair health?

Hair porosity means...


Types of water damage to hair.

Did you know that different types of water can impact the health of your hair and lead to damage? Chlorinated, salt, hard, and soft water are all different and when they come in contact with hair it causes varying responses regardless of hair type...


Nutrition Deficiencies that cause Hair Loss.

Beyond popular belief, hair loss and slow growth is much more than the physical care of the hair daily but also how you maintain a healthy diet. 

Did you know that there are key ingredients that should be included in your daily diet...


Red Light Therapy For Hair Growth.

Red-light therapy promotes hair growth and scalp health, by promoting these core features that are necessary for the health of your hair you are sure to minimize hair loss now and, in the future, thus encouraging full hair and scalp restoration.

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